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Moos 15 · Tirol · AT-6167 Neustift im Stubaital

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Здоровье и отдых для мужчин

Забота о здоровье и красоте – не только женская прерогатива. Узнайте подробнее о наших специальных предложениях «только для мужчин», разработанных специально для Вас. Позвольте нашим экспертам в области красоты окружить Вас профессиональной заботой. 

Complete Gentlemen

A real man is not afraid of bodycare, he takes care of his body and soul. A real man also deserves relaxation. We offer you a moment of respite in the special, fragrant and relaxing environment. The treatment starts with removing the epidermis with a body scrub. The muscle tension, all the stress and negative emotions will be removed by a classical massage. After deciding on the type and condition of your complexion, we will also take care of your face matching the right cleansing treatment. A glass of fragrant wine in the Relaxation Room will be waiting for you in the end of the treatment.



  • A fragrant body scrub (30 min.)
  • Classic massage (60 min.)
  • A facial treatment matched to the skin type (60 min.)
  • Relaxation Room with a glass of wine
120 minutes 175,00

Kurland Beer Ritual

A modern man is a well-groomed man. Beer is not only a tasty beverage but also a great body treatment. It is rejuvenating and has a great influence on skin, hair and nails. We will start the ritual with a fragrant, body-regenerating beer peel. After the cleansing session, when the skin is pleasantly warm and ready for the next treatments, we will offer you a rejuvenating Kurland full body mask on a Soft-Pack waterbed. After the cleansing and moisturizing ritual, we invite you to the relaxing massage. To complete the grooming, you will be offered a glass of beer in the Relaxation Room. Prepare for an outstanding relaxation while being surrounded with the beer aroma!



  • Kurland beer body peel (30 min.)
  • Kurland body mask on a Soft-Pack waterbed (30 min.)
  • A classical massage (60 min.)
  • Relaxation Room with a glass of beer
120 minutes 160,00

AROSHA - Oxygenetic Detoxifying Programme

Detoxifying professional treatment with two stages for problematic complexions or complexions damaged by environmental factors. The active ingredients used oxygenate, exfoliate, smoothen and moisturize the skin while unclogging the pores and minimizing their visibility which improves the general structure of the skin.


Aim of the treatment:

  • detoxifying 
  • oxygenating
  • deep moisturizing



  • lack of moisture, dehydrated skin
  • tired, dull, “stressed” skin
  • oily skin with blackheads


Stages of the treatment:

make-up removal, toning, cleansing  - Glycolic peel, ampule, mask, massaging the ream into the skin.

90 минут 129,00

Manual face cleansing – full treatment

Stages of the treatment:

  • ultrasonic (cavitation) exfoliation
  • softening the skin
  • cleansing
  • ampule
  • mask/clay
  • face massage
120 minutes 159,00

Hand and foot care for men

Manicure without nail polish 45 min. 40,00
Manicure with conditioner 40 min. 45,00
Pedicure without nail polish 60 min. 55,00
Pedicure with conditioner 70 min. 60,00


Back 35,00
Chest 35,00

Classic massage (Swedish)

30 минут 40,00
60 минут 65,00

Alpeiner classic-relaxing massage with face massage and with passive stretching techniques

60 минут 80,00
90 минут 110,00

Neck and shoulders massage

30 минут 45,00

Face massage

30 минут 40,00

Спортивный массаж

Спортивный массаж обладает общеукрепляющим действием и выполняется с учетом потребностей спортсменов.
30 минут 60,00
60 минут 85,00

Hot Stone massage

60 минут 75,00
90 минут 110,00